Dealer booth displaying rare crystals, minerals, and spheres at the Portland Regional Gem and Mineral Show.The Portland Regional Gem and Mineral Show offers a great diversity of Mineral and Lapidary related items from all over the world.

To join the show as a vendor, please submit a vendor application.

Below is a list of the Vendors who attended our 2019 show. Please check back for the list of 2021 vendors once they are all confirmed.

  • Ameritool, Inc
  • Brittany Burkhardt – Mineral Endeavors
  • Bud Ehrle Geological, LLC
  • Charles Tiblow
  • Crs Grippers
  • Crystal Rich
  • Earthlight Rocks & Gems
  • Ethiopal
  • Grand Products
  • Granite Mountain Nature Gallery
  • Grove of Stones
  • Jeweled Rose
  • LithoCat – Mineral Photographs and Specimens
  • Loco for Ocos & More
  • Los Laureles Fire Opals
  • Martell & Martell
  • Michele’s Rock Pics
  • Mineral Mandalas
  • Neukomm Rock & Gem Shop
  • Prospectors Guild Inc – A worldwide mining collective
  • Rock Castle
  • Rocks and Radness
  • Steve Falconbury
  • Steve Stegall / A Gathering of Spirits
  • Sunstones & Such
  • Susie Moon’s
  • The 3rd Rock
  • The Agate Trader
  • The Chiming Rock
  • The Crystal Lined Pocket
  • The Gemstone Connection
  • True Lapidary “Rocks”
  • Wayne Werder Way-Out-West Rocks
  • World’s Fossils and Minerals