Speaker Presentations & Happenings

Here is a tentative speakers šŸŽ¤presentation schedule. This page will change so check back, but here is what we have so far. These talks will take place in conference room B during the show.

You will notice there is there are none on Saturday because of the awards presentations and the Oregon Council meeting.

Regional Schedule Conference room B

Friday Sept 30WhoWhatTime startTime end
Friday Sept 30 Julian Gray“Cataloging Your Rock Collection”11am12pm
Friday Sept 30 Tom Bohmker“Examples of Pocket Lode Gold Deposits & Search Strategies”12:30pm1:30pm
Friday Sept 30 Gregory Carr“Paleoclimatology”2pm3pm
Sunday Oct 2
Sunday Oct 2 Aaron Currier“Collecting on Oregon Beaches”11am12pm
Sunday Oct 2 Julian Gray“Classic Mineral Localities of the United States”12:15pm1:15pm
Sunday Oct 2 Tom Bohmker“Examples of Pocket Lode Gold Deposits & Search Strategies”1:30pm2:30pm
Sunday Oct 2 Gregory Carr“Recent Discoveries about Onchorhynchus rastorus, the Spike Tooth Salmon”2:45pm3:45pm